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This time our spotlight is focussed on Brienco Lighting, a new lighting website that offers a wide range of lighting to those in the UK. The store is full of high quality professional fittings and covers every area of the home including a wide range of exterior lighting.

The website is pleasing to the eye, with soft colours reminiscent of ambient lighting. The scheme has been made up using simple white, with the footer and navigation having a soft grey. Call to action messages and buttons can be found in a dazzling yellow that works so well with the other two colours.


Example Outdoor Light

A website’s navigation is quite often one of the most frustrating aspects of buying online. This could in part explain why people like to stick to what they know. Brienco Lighting makes browsing for new lighting for the home easy, with a clear navigation that breaks down the lighting taxonomy. Looking for interior lighting? – check, looking for outdoor lights by Fumagalli? – easy!

Brienco Lighting have a range of essential lighting accessories available online also, including fundamentals such as bulbs as well as extras such a LED strip lighting. All in all we think that you will be pleasantly surprised browsing through the light fittings on offer and the range is so vast, encompassing contemporary and antique, vintage, styles that there’s sure to be a product that would simply suit your home perfectly.

Watch this space as Brienco Lighting continues to grow, spreading their fabulous product range across the UK’s homes.

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