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Being in the heart of Edinburgh is to be immersed in Scottish culture. Now one of the capital’s most successful Scottish businesses is online and offering their traditional Scottish cashmere to a wider, global audience other than their regulars and the passing tourist trade.

With a sleek, simple design, the latest Dunedin Cashmere web-shop makes it incredibly easy to navigate their sumptuous selection of Cashmere. You will recognise well known brands and are able to easily jump into their products with the help of logical site architecture and helpful home-page banner images.

In addition to a wide selection of branded Scottish Cashmere items, Dunedin Cashmere also has a great range of their own products available to purchase. These include popular everyday items for the wardrobe such as Cashmere jumpers for men and women as well as Cashmere scarves and more. Great care has been taken to present all of the website’s products in such a way that the prospective customer has a good view of what it is they might buy. Good photography is sometimes over looked by e-commerce websites, but Dunedin Cashmere has made sure that isn’t the case for them. All items have at least one high quality image, usually with a person wearing the items so the customer can look for fit and style. Many products also feature high quality additional images which allow the customer to glance a look at alternative angles.

We always suggest going to have a look around new e-commerce websites to look at site architecture if that’s something that you are interested in. You can visit the Dunedin Cashmere website here.

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