Scandinavian Heart in the Home

The website that we’re featuring today is a wonderful example of a small retailer reaching out to the masses. As we all know, Scandinavian and Nordic design has been incredibly popular of late, with some large supermarkets even focussing large portions of their pre-Christmas gift selection on items with a Scandinavian flair.


The Scandinavian Shop Home Page

The Scandinavian Shop, an online and offline store, offers their customers something a little different to what you might otherwise find on the high-street. At The Scandinavian Shop you will find a selection of beautifully designed homeware and gifts that are sourced from genuine Scandinavian manufacturers. You may also find a selection of items that are produced by other companies that have closely aligned themselves with Scandinavian style, such as Scandi-Chic.

Aside from offering customers products they might not otherwise not find here in the UK, The Scandinavian Shop has a great website; itself employing a degree of Scandinavian minimalism. Simple colours have been used in the design and it ties in nicely with the large selection of Nordic products on offer. The owners of The Scandinavian Shop are very active on social media so it’s worth checking out their Facebook, Twitter and Google+ streams.

Amongst the products available from The Scandinavian Shop you will find a great selection of homeware including kitchenware, decorations and soft furnishings. Glass is one area that The Scandinavian Shop excels at and you’ll find whole collections from notable Scandinavian brands such as Broste and Kosta Boda amongst others. In addition to the reams of homeware products available The Scandinavian Shop also have categories for statement Scandinavian-style fashion like Ilse Jacobsen boots and jewellery as well as items for children.

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