Little Peckers

It sounds a bit rude and in some countries may be a bit of a put-down, but if I told you that Little Peckers isn’t an insult but the name of a new bird food and accessory online store you might start to see the joke!

Offering an impressive array of bird foods, bird houses and accessories like toys and supplements for wild, captive and farmed birds, Little Peckers looks to be storming into the UK marketplace as one of the top suppliers in this crowded marketplace!

The website is full of information about the products on offer and has an easy to read format. The page layout is easy to read, which given the market for these types of products is squarely aimed at the over 50’s is good to see! ¬†Trustpilot integration and information on the excellent TV advertisements is available on the website, showing this company really wants to grab the attention of UK buyers.

Overall this is a well laid out website which is easy to navigate and use. Fantastic!


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